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This study is limited to people with an Eldridge surname, including variations, spouses and children with an Eldridge mother or step mother.

The contents are a work in progress and all details are under constant revision. Some of the detail is based on assumptions and much of the early family detail is speculative. Years shown are the date of the event or the year the event was recorded. All contributions of information gratefully accepted. Please contact the author for further information.

Eldridge Trees & Branches.

The detail in these Family Lists has been collated from records of Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, Burials and from other publicly accessible records and from private sources. Other researchers who have provided initial assistance are acknowledged below.

Eldridge Migration.

Details of Eldridge Migration listing, in date order, known families and individuals, including females with an Eldridge maiden surname., The ship, arrival date, State and details of the individuals are shown where known. Individuals in Descendant Lists are linked to the list where their details are shown.



Family History Group


The offspring of a couple. They are brothers and sisters where both parents are the same.
A parents existing children are step brothers and sisters to any existing children of a new partner and half brothers and sisters to any new children of that couple.
The parent of a persons mother or father.
Aunt or Uncle
The sister or brother (respectively) of a persons parent.
First Cousins
The son or daughter of an uncle or aunt. First cousins are people of the same generation with common grandparents. Generally just referred to as Cousins.
Second Cousins
Are the children of two first cousins i.e. the child of one cousin relative to the child of another cousin. The children of two second cousins are third cousins and so on.
Removed Cousins
Are from different generations. A first cousins child is a persons first cousin once removed.
A first cousins grandchild is a persons first cousin twice removed.

To find the relationship between two people first find a common ancestor. Then count the number of generations separating each person from the common ancestor. If the two numbers are the same then the order of cousinhood is one less than that number. If the numbers are not equal then the order is one less than the smaller number and the degree of removal is the difference between the two numbers.

The people from whom a person is descended. This page shows 5 generations of the ancestors of Robert George Eldridge, the author of Eldridge Genealogy World Wide, based on DNA testing.


The assistance of the following people has allowed me to extend my original research to a great extent and I acknowledge their invaluable help. Additional material obtained from published works is used with permission.

Raymond E. Shurmer and William D. Morrison
Extensive research into the Eldridge and related families in England and Australia.
Kenneth G. Eldridge
Author and publisher of From Battle to Bankstown and Beyond ... the story of James and Philadelphia Eldridge. Published October 1997 ISBN 0-646-339508.
Gifford A. Levot
Ancestors and descendants of the "Hill End" Eldridge line.
Patricia Roberts
Author and publisher of Eldridge Was Their Name Published 1998 ISBN 0-646-34954-6.
Douglas J. Eldridge
The descendants of Edward Eldridge and in particular the QLD descendents of Charles Leonard Eldridge.
Michael J. Eldridge
The descendants of William Eldridge 1759-1838.
Beverley L. Weston
The siblings and ancestors of Edward Riach Geary.
Kay Williams and Sue Meehan
Early Meehan and related family detail and contemporary Meehan detail.
Margery Schoots and Dale Watts
The descendents of Daniel Eldridge and Ann Goble.
Lynn Eldridge
The descendents of Thomas Eldridge and Maria Lewis Ingram.
Other assistance
Helen Eldridge, Milton and Una Geary, Olive Stringer, Lyle B. Wright, Gregory J. Eldridge, Daphne I. Robinson, Tammy L. Stiles, Joyce Deligios, Rebecca Jobes Gurney.

Further Information.

Please contact the author, Robert G. Eldridge, to advise of corrections and additions.
More detailed information is available on request.

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