Walter Isaacs and Lily Blanch Margurita Hughes married on 5 Oct 1884 at St Paul Clerkenwell, Islington, Middlesex, England. They had two daughters, Emily Elizabeth and Lily Florence and two surviving sons, Walter Arthur and Leonard Thomas Frederick. Both sons changed their surname to Eldridge.

Walter and Lilly and their four children all migrated to Queensland, Australia.

  1. Emily Elizabeth Isaacs married Alfred Charles Morgan on 27 Mar 1904 at Holy Trinity Hoxton, London. Alfred migrated to QLD in about 1914 and Emily and her two surviving children migrated to QLD in 1915 on the Waipara.
  2. The marriage of Lily Florence Isaacs to Kedgwin Stout was registered in 1912 at West Ham, Essex. Lily migrated to Townsville, QLD in 1914 on the Waipara. Both Kedgwin and Lily are shown in the 1919 and later QLD Electoral Rolls as being of Pimlico in the Townsville subdivision.
  3. Walter Arthur married as Walter Arthur Eldridge to Edith Rosina Elliot on 21 Oct 1916 at Walthamstow, Essex. They were shown as Walter A and Edith R Eldridge when they migrated on the Sophocles to Brisbane, QLD in 1924 and they are shown on the QLD Electoral Rolls from 1925 as Walter Arthur and Grace Edith Rose Eldridge of Charlotte Street, Aitkenvale in the Townsville subdivision. In the 1954 Roll all the family are shown of a Mount Isa, QLD address.
  4. Leonard Thomas Frederick Isaacs migrated to Brisbane, QLD with his parents Walter and Lily Blanch Margurita Isaacs in 1920 on the Ormonde. Leonard is shown on the QLD Electoral Rolls in the Townsville subdivision from 1925 as Leonard Thomas Frederick Eldridge. He married with that name on 20 Dec 1927 in Townsville, QLD to Jane Leighton Heron. Jane is shown with Leonard from the 1936 Roll but is not shown with him in the 1930 Roll. Leonard died on 10 Apr 1958 at Mount Isa, QLD.

Updated 22 June 2014

Walter Isaacs (1864-1933)
m 1884 Lily Blanch Margurita Hughes (1866-1945)
    Emily Elizabeth Isaacs (1885-    )
    Lily Florence Isaacs (1887-1964)
    Walter Arthur Isaacs/Eldridge (1889-1973)
    m 1916 Grace Edith Rosina Elliot (1895-1976)
    |   |
    |   Grace Beatrice Eldridge (1927-    )
    |   Ernest Walter Arthur Eldridge (1928-    )
    |   m (    ) Olivine Jeanette Ness (    -    )
    William Joshua Isaacs (1892-1893)
    Leonard Thomas Frederick Isaacs/Eldridge (1902-1958)
    m 1927 Jane Leighton Heron (1910-1981)
        Walter Alexander Eldridge (1933-    )

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