William Eldridge was convicted aged 14 at the Old Bailey, London on 18 Sep 1825 and sentenced to 14 years. He had been indicted for stealing forty-eight pairs of shoes, value 2 pounds 15 shillings. He was transported from London to Sydney, New South Wales on the Asia 1 arriving 13 Mar 1828 and was shown as age 16 and a native of Oxford. He obtained his certificate of freedom 40/2016 on 9 Dec 1840. William died on 22 Nov 1879 at Liverpool aged 71 and was shown as a bootmaker and for Time in the Australian Colonies as per "Asia" 1828 however his parents and marital status were unknown by the informant.

He is believed to be the William Eldridge who was the head of a household in Wingacarribbee Street, Berrima in 1841 when a census of NSW was taken. The household comprised two single males, both with an occupation of the class Mechanics and Artificers, with one of Church of Scotland and the other Roman Catholic religion and one aged between 21 and under 45 and the other between 45 and under 60. Both had a Civil Condition of Other Free Persons, as distinct from Born in the Colony, Arrived Free, Holding Tickets of Leave, In Government Employement or In Private Assignment.

In 1844 William Eldridge, then shown as age 22 with a free status, obtained permission to marry from Reverend Grant at Appin NSW to Norah Callan. She was shown as age 24 with a Ticket of Leave having been a convict sentenced to 10 years and transported to NSW on the Planter. She is shown as arriving on 9 Mar 1839 aged 19 from Portland and having been convicted at the Central Criminal Court in 1838.

Maria Eldridge, daughter of Nora died on 20 Feb 1849 aged 7 months and Nora Eldridge died aged 28 on 30 Jul 1848. They were both buried at the Berrima General RC Cemetery.

Emma Eldridge married on 13 Apr 1866 at Yass NSW and William Eldridge, a shoemaker, and Nora are shown as her parents with her birthplace being recorded as New South Wales. On the birth registration of her son John William, born 10 May 1868 at Yass, she is shown as Emily aged 25 born Berrima, NSW with previous issue of 1 female living. For the birth of her twin sons, born at Yass on 20 Aug 1870, she is shown as Emma age 24 born Berrima. Records for the birth of all her subsequent children show her as Emily. She died at Yass on 16 Feb 1893 and was shown as age 50 and her father as John, a shoemaker.

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William Eldridge(1808-1879)
m (    ) Norah Callan (1820-1848)
    Emma/Emily Eldridge (1845-1893)
    m 1866 John Couch (1844-    ) 
    |   |
    |   Emily Couch (1867-    )
    |   John William Couch (1868-1912)
    |   Joseph Henry Couch (1870-1870)
    |   Thomas Arthur Couch (1870-1872)
    |   Maria Ellen Couch (1872-    )
    |   Mabel Hesther Couch (1875-    )
    |   Jessie Couch (1877-    )
    |   Ernest Couch (1879-    )
    |   Ethel M Couch (1882-    )
    |   Edward Charles Couch (1884-1893)
    Maria Eldridge (1848-1849)

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